About Us

At the start of a group of amputees, a de facto association, called the Ile aux Trésors, was formed in 1993. On the basis of this structure, AMPTRAIDE asbl was formed in 2007.

Since 2015, AMPTRAIDE asbl is federal and covers the entire Belgian territory thanks to its collaboration with ANVASPORT vzw.

At the ISPO World Congress held in Lyon in June 2015, AMTPRAIDE asbl participated in the creation of the International Confederation of Amputee Association (IC2A).

Mission and objectives

AMPTRAIDE asbl by listening and sharing wants to share the experience of its members in order to allow any amputee or person concerned by amputation and agenesis to develop a project of pursuit of life of quality.

Our values

Apolitique and aconfessionelle, AMPTRAIDE asbl listens and shares its experience with any person or group of people who wish to discuss amputation and agenesis.


AMPTRAIDE asbl has published status or Moniteur belge and is managed by a Board of Directors.


AMTPRAIDE asbl gives no individual medical, technical or legal advice.AMPTRAIDE asbl conducts fighting that can benefit all its members.

AMPTRAIDE asbl wants to be pluralist and independent of any lobbying.

What do we do?


We listen to any person or group of people who wish to learn about amputation and agenesis.


Monthly, we organize meetings, animated by at least one amputee, in different places to allow an exchange and sharing of life experience.

Things to Do

AMPTRAIDE asbl organizes activities of leisure and well-being which are an opportunity to promote exchanges between amputee and not amputated.


These people are available to meet you:

  • Agenesic
  • Transtibial amplitude
  • Transfemoral Amputee
  • Disarticulated and hemipelvectomy

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